Sunday, January 27, 2013

And The Award For Best OB Goes To...

Only in New York City is landing an appointment with your obstetrician of choice akin to landing a ticket to the Academy Awards.

Finding the right OB is a painstaking process. At least it was so for me.

First, you want to choose a doctor affiliated with right hospital. Because apparently where you deliver in NYC is everything. I'm really not sure what this "everything" entails, but I'm not one to question popular sentiment when it comes to caring for my unborn child. I just want the best.

The "best" in Manhattan generally means one of these three hospitals: NYU, Lenox Hill and Weill-Cornell. And of course, it's a well known fact that Beyonce delivered at Lenox Hill - so you have to weight that little piece of information into your decision. Do you, or do you not, want your baby to be delivered in the very place where baby Blue was born? (The Beyonce part is a joke. I could care less where Beyonce delivered her baby. And while we're on the topic... why in the world would anyone name a child Blue? It carries such negative connotations. Why so blue, Blue? Celebrities: do not sacrifice the integrity of your babies for originality in name.)

With these parameters in mind, I set out to find the best OB in town. Over the past year, I'd gathered dozens upon dozens of recommendations from friends, friends of friends, acquaintances and even pregnant strangers I stopped on the street (yes, that really happened). Generally, all recommendations led to three practices: Spring Ob/Gyn in Soho (affiliated with NYU), Village Obstetrics in the West Village (affiliated with Lenox Hill) or 72nd Street Obstetrics and Gynecology at Weill-Cornell on the Upper East Side (obviously affiliated with Weill-Cornell).

Spring Ob/Gyn does not take my insurance. Village Obstetrics does not take any insurance. And the 72nd Street Weill-Cornell practice is not accepting new patients. And not only that, but the doctors and practices that were fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth on my list all either do not accept my insurance, do not accept any insurance or are not accepting new patients.

So there I was, after all the research I'd done, empty-handed.

Severe and overwhelming disappointment and anger overcame me. I felt completed defeated. F*ck insurance, I decided. We were going to choose the best OB, regardless of whether or not he or she was out-of-network. What's several extra thousands dollars that we'd have to dish out of our own pockets for going out-of-network anyway when we're talking about the well-being and care of our future baby? Right?

Wrong. According to H.

This divergence in views on healthcare led to our first fight over the baby...



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